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Rony woke up this morning earlier than usual and got ready to go to office.  His dad asked him “Did the sun rise from the west today.  You are ready so early.”  “Dad, today I have some important decisions to make.  Pass me the paper, whats the situation in Greece.”  Dad got amused and thought of pushing Rony a bit, “ Hey, since when did you start worrying about Greece.  I hope we are not going to settle there, haha.”  “Don’t pull me dad.  Its just that last year, I started some SIP’s in two funds Reliance Growth Fund and Hdfc Equity fund and currently I am in the negative.  So I have decided to stop the SIP and wait out the period.  Maybe later on I will re-enter when the market stabilizes.”  His dad asked him, “How will you know that the markets have stabilized.  To my knowledge the NIFTY has been moving in a very broad range from 6000 to 5500 to 5900 to 5200 to 5900 to 5200 to 5700 to 4800 to 5300 to again 4800.  This is what I have observed.  At what level you will decide when it is stable.”

“That’s simple dad” Rony said triumphantly.  “ I will start investing only when market crosses 6200 NIFTY.   Then I will have no worry about my capital, ha.”  “Dear Son, are you sure that the Indian market will go up.” His dad said.  “100% dad, India is still a growing economy.  There’s so much of infrastructure pending and we are nowhere near to CHINA in terms of consistent growth.  We have still time to grow.” “Rony if you are so sure than why do you want to miss the growth you will get in the SIP’s that you will make because you invested at lower levels in the market as lesser NAV’s.  Come I will show you something.”  His dad takes him to his room and brings out a file from his cupboard.  “Hey dad that’s so much dust on this file.  Whats in it. Don’t you ever open it.”  “Gather dust to make a mountain, is an old saying, my dear son.  Just go through the statements and I pray to god that he make you love the dust.”  Rony looked at the statements and was astonished.  “What the – dad.  These are the same schemes that I have invested in but they are giving you so astounding returns. How come.  Looks like the agent has cheated me in some way.” “Ha, ha, ha” It was dads turn to start laughing.  “Dear child, look at the statements properly.  I have been investing in these funds through SIP since 6 years and getting the benefit of long term and averaging.  I never keep tracking my funds like you do every now and then only check once in a while whether my funds are not underperforming the NIFTY.    That’s why I do not make a mistake of trying to time my SIP’s too and at the end getting nothing but pleasure in trying to manage my portfolio myself.  Its better that I manage my free time in other activities rather than try to track the market and my portfolio.”  “I hope you get my point.”  “Yes dad, I am getting your point.  As it is I am ready early today, I as well go and finish my pending work in office.  And not worry about the SIP.  Though could you do me a favour dad.  Can you manage my SIP for me.”  “Ha, ha, ha” his father started laughing again, “Don’t worry my son, be busy in your work, leave the SIP to me. I will take care of it.” Said his father. 


Equity investment including through SIP’s is a long term affair.  Once you invest in good equity funds please do not stop them unnecessarily midways.  Invest with long term conviction and not for short term gains.

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Rony’s dilemma. Never count your chocolates before they hatch. Let alone eat them.

Rony – Lead
Sita – leads wife
Anmol – son
Tina – daughter
Rony’s dilemma.  Never count your chocolates before they hatch.  Let alone eat them.
    One day Rony came home excited.  His wife Sita asked him the reason for his excitement.  Rony said “Close your eyes first and extend your hands”.  “Now open this” saying that he put a packed gift in her hand.  Sita excitedly opened the gift and exclaimed, “Wow what a nice mobile this is!  Which model is it?”  “It’s the latest BLACKBERRY” said the beaming Rony.  “I am getting a salary increment next month so thought I will surprise you with this latest mobile”.  Sita was very happy and said, “Let me check out the features in this phone while you get ready for dinner.  We will go out today to the latest joint in town.”  Gushing she went to her room with her new phone.
     Rony’s son Anmol was watching all of this.  He asked “Dad whats  salary increment for which you bought mom a new mobile”.  Rony like a proud father,  to explain to his son asked “Son, how many dairy milk chocolates I give you.”  Anmol said “Once a month only dad”  Rony said, “ When you won the 100 metres race, I gave you 10 dairy milk chocolates at a go for winning.  Its like that. ”  Anmol got angry “That’s not fair dad.  You gave me the chocolates only after I won the race and you bought mom a gift even before your salary actually increased.”  “ Now I have a competition next month and I am going to win so give me my chocolates now” thundered a jubiliant Anmol. 
First achieve your target, satisfy yourself afterwards.  What you apply on your kids, please apply on yourself first.  Charity (or rather Sensibility) begins at home.
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     Once there was an apple merchant named Ben.  He had a reasonable margin in selling apples.  He loved selling apples.  Even when someone came to his shop to buy oranges, he would convince and sell him apples.  In selling apples, he forgot that in a balanced diet all fruits are necessary and not just apples.  Then in 2009, suddenly the government imposed price restrictions on the price that apple could be sold.  Mr. Ben found that his margins were substantially reduced so he stopped selling apples all together.  He got so frustrated that even if someone called him up for knowledge about apples he would not respond.  Many of his customers started complaining that Mr. Ben is not responding and not picking up the phone.
     Now Mr. Ben has become an orange merchant.  He has started convincing people that oranges are the best.  Obviously now all the margins are in oranges so he has started selling them.  He is contacting the same people to whom he did not respond after apples become non-incentivized.  And the best part is that, the same people are now convinced that oranges are good for them and are buying from him forgetting his past.
   Again forgetting that both apples and oranges are important in a healthy diet.
    You must have guessed already what are the apples and oranges I am referring in this article.  If not scroll down for the answer.
Apples = Mutual funds
Oranges = Real Estate
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